About America's Business Benefit Association

America's Business Benefit Association (ABBA) is a national not-for-profit association that provides benefits for individuals working at small businesses, the self-employed and their families. 

Our business is saving you money!

America's Business Benefit Association (ABBA) provides you an outstanding opportunity to join with thousands of others accross the nation and enjoy savings on health, travel, consumer and business services.  Described under Packages & Plans are several of the valuable features included in all four membership packages - Principal, Personal, Professional and Protection.  All packages include all the benefits included in the ABBA Principal package, with each successive package including additional consumer benefits and different and higher dollar insurance protections.

There is no ownership affiliation between America's Business Benefit Association and the insurance companies or product vendors whose products it endorses. 

Membership and ABBA can be purchased alone or in conjunctioin with an insurance plan.  Seperate rates would apply accordingly.  In states where the insurance policy is issued to an association group master policy, ABBA membership is required to obtain the insurance coverage, and in states where the insurance policy is issued on an individual basis, ABBA membership is not required to obtain the insurance coverage.  Please note, even in states where association membership is required to obtain insurance, association membership is not required to maintain the insurance.  Similarly, if an insured member subsequently terminates health insurance with an endorsed carrier, ABBA membership is not automatically terminated.  The ABBA membership package fees include the folowing:  association dues, including for costs of the association consumer/business benefits; association administrative fees and insurance premiums.